As a full-service garden center, we offer a selection of Bay Area adapted plants for all the gardeners in our community. Whether your garden is a patio, deck, porch, community spot or a home garden, we will guide you to the right plant for the right spot.

from the ordinary to the extraordinary...
we have it all!


Perennials live year to year bringing long lasting beauty to our gardens. The selection changes throughout the year; plants are available when they’re in bloom, usually for a couple of months. We have the perennials to build your perfect garden, it could be cut flower, low water, pollinator, fragrance or color themed.


Annuals are planted every year, bringing lots of easy color in bloom or in foliage. We know spring has arrived when sweet peas, sunflowers, pansies & violas are in. Summer brings us bountiful color with petunias, marigolds, cosmos and snapdragons. Fall is marked with mums, ornamental kale and nasturtium. Cyclamen and primrose keep the festive color going in winter.

Cacti & Succulents

A succulent garden can be an effortlessly stylish one. They like well-draining soil and a hands-off approach. Those that prefer lower light can be grown in east or north-facing gardens or indoors. We carry tiny 2” ones for potted gardens to large, show-piece specimens.

California Natives

A native garden can be water-wise, easy maintenance, and provide habitat for local pollinators. We carry a selection of plants unique to California in 4” to 15-gallon containers. Inspiration for your native garden can be found on the trails or in many of our city parks.

Vegetables & Herbs

Our selection of veggies and herbs changes week to week as we only carry starters that will thrive at that time. We source only organic and pollinator-friendly plants that do well in San Francisco. Please call us for current availability.

Fruiting Plants

We source our fruiting trees, vines and shrubs from regional growers, choosing low-chill varieties that do well in the Bay Area. We carry citrus all year and blueberries and passionfruit most of the year. Our selection expands late spring-fall when we usually have apples, plums, figs, pomegranates, avocados, and persimmons.


We get weekly deliveries of groundcovers in economical cell-packs. Groundcovers and mulches visually finish a garden, as well as blocking out weeds and slowing down water loss. We have choices for shady to sunny and dry to moist gardens.


Shrubs provide the “walls” of our gardens. They can be in the background as screens or up-front and showy. Some are available when in bloom, so we expect to see Camellias in early winter, Rhododendrons in spring and Hydrangeas in summer. We can help you select shrubs right for your site conditions, aesthetics, and time.


Conifers contribute structure, texture and color to the garden. We have them in a variety of habits, from creeping groundcover shrubs to columnar statement ones. There are specimen topiaries and background screens. Many tolerate our coastal conditions and low water once established.


Vines are great problem solvers; they can create privacy and disguise utilities, walls and fences. They can be fasting growing, scented, evergreen, deciduous, and suited to sun or shade

Japanese Maples

It’s an exciting time of the year in late winter-early spring, when hundreds of Japanese Maples arrive. They are still bare of leaves so their branching structure can be seen. We provide details on each tree, such as height and leaf color throughout the seasons.


Although we carry trees throughout the year, early spring is the most anticipated season. Along with the Japanese Maples, we’ll have many deciduous flowering trees. This is the time to find flowering cherries, plums, dogwoods and magnolias. As spring progresses, the garden center blooms spectacularly.


We have specialty soil, pots and small trees and shrubs to begin your Bonsai project.


Our grasses include the wispy, the strappy, the tiny and the huge. We have choices for sun to shade and dry to wet.

Christmas trees & wreathes

Winter festivities begin at Flowercraft where we carry the highest quality cut and live Christmas trees. We source our trees and wreathes from Oregon and Washington, getting weekly shipments so the trees and decorations are always fresh.