The indoor section of our store is stocked with gardening essentials as well as top quality, well-priced houseplants. As a full-service garden center, we carry everything needed to cultivate a garden, indoor or outdoor. Our knowledgeable staff will help you with your choices and provide plant care guidance.

We have a great selection of houseplants, Fertilizers, handtools, pottery, soil amendments, and much more.

House Plants

Our selection is always changing as we receive large shipments of houseplants weekly. We carry tiny plants for terrariums and air plants to dramatic ceiling scrapers. We have 49 years of expertise to help you select the right indoor plant to enhance the air quality and aesthetics of your home or office.


Our extensive collection of plant foods includes granular, water-soluble, and slow release, with an emphasis on organic. This includes specialty fertilizers to nourish specific plant types.

Pest Sprays

We partner with Our Water Our World to ensure that our pesticides are eco-friendly and less toxic but still effective. Once we’ve identified the pest problem, we will show you treatment options. Our favorite pesticide is the Ladybug which we carry from spring through fall.

Soils & Amendments

We have conveniently small bags of soil, soilless mediums, decorative rock and amendments like peat moss, pumice, perlite, and vermiculite for indoor and outdoor container gardening.


Our tools include hand tools such as snips, pruners, trowels and saws as well as long handled ones like rakes, pole pruners and brooms. Kneeling pads, hats and gloves are important components for our tasks. The right tool for the job replaces fatigue with comfort and pleasure.


We have a wide variety of pot styles, sizes and materials, chosen with functionality and price in mind. We carry redwood & cedar planters; wine barrels; pulp pots; terracotta, glazed and fiber clay pots. We have basic plastic grow pots as well as decorative ones to style your indoor or outdoor space.


Flowercraft is the place for gifts for gardeners. We offer Wind chimes, Bird feeders, Soap rocks, Hummingbird feeders, Sun hats, Tools, Watering cans and more. Our Flowercraft gift cards are available in any amount and never expire.